We help maximize value from sound
businesses and regenerate value for
businesses in difficulty.


G-Force Group draws on a broad cross-section of business, industry specialists and professionals to tailor a team most suitable for each client. Owners who want to maximize their return on investment in a sound business or real estate project require quite a different approach to stakeholders who are wrestling with a business or real estate or construction project having difficulty. Cashing out of a sound business is not as straight forward as one may think. It requires advance planning, and often development of a tailored exit strategy and implementation of a variety of value enhancement and corporate finance activities. We have the industry and professional expertise and experience across a wide range of industries and assets to help owners maximize the return on their investment in sound businesses and real estate projects.

G-Force Group team members have designed and implemented solutions for operating businesses in a variety of roles including as managers, industry specialists, investors, owners and advisors for over 30 years. Our management and advisory experience has been applied across a wide range of industries and sectors including real estate, construction, hospitality, forestry, fishing, manufacturing, distribution, retail, technology, health care, professional services, education, First Nations, the Not-for-Profit sector and government agencies.

Today, there are a number of businesses having difficulty due to the current global financial and economic uncertainty. Unfortunately, many businesses do not have all of the resources to deal with the issues that arise when difficulties set in under these circumstances. They are often facing extreme pressures and critical deadlines with their customers, creditors and lenders. We can quickly perform an objective, tailored analysis to identify the areas requiring the most support – including dealing with your investors, lenders or other creditors if they are losing confidence in your operation. By combining our extensive business and industry experience with our insolvency and bankruptcy toolkit, we can maximize recoveries for creditors and minimize exposure to owners, management, directors and guarantors.


Whether you want to consider an exit strategy from a sound business or consider your options for a business in difficulty, give us a call.