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Corporate Finance

G-Force Group has the corporate finance expertise to assist owners, investors and stakeholders in the sale, acquisition or financing of businesses, hotels and real estate as well as development of pre-sale exit strategies and advanced planning to “package” a business or asset for sale.

Members of our corporate finance team bring a wealth of experience and have been involved in the successful sale of a range of businesses including those operating in the resource, manufacturing, distribution and technology sectors. We also take specialized approaches to selling and refinancing real estate including hotels and development properties.

We can assist when:
  • You are considering the sale of your business or real estate
  • You are considering refinancing your business, hotel or real estate development
  • Your business strategy involves acquisition of a business or real estate
  • You would like to assess the options or risk of your ownership in a business or real estate
  • You have received an unsolicited approach to acquire your business or real estate and would like an independent assessment of any offer and assistance in negotiating terms of a transaction
  • You are considering a sale to key employees or a management buy-out (MBO)
  • Your business or your industry sector is having difficulty and you would like to maximize your investment recovery before it’s too late


Gary Powroznik at or  778 371 0008