G-Force has solutions for maximizing returns
from sound businesses or real estate,
investments, or from those in difficulty.

Our Approach

Scenario One: You have worked hard to build a strong business or real estate portfolio and now want to determine how to maximize the recovery of your investment. You need help to execute an exit strategy.

Scenario Two: Your business or real estate project is distressed. Your recovery is in doubt. You’re not quite sure what’s really causing the problem and you’ve got financial erosion in segments of your business or loan portfolio you haven’t had time to consider yet. Your next move is critical.

If either of these scenarios describes your circumstances, it’s time to call G-Force Group.

G-Force Group’s mandate is to Preserve, Rebuild, Enhance and Recover value for our owner, investor and lender clients.

Solutions that work, people you can trust.

Our approach is simple – efficient intelligent insight and diagnosis, identification of effective solutions and support in their implementation when necessary.

Whether it’s about enhancing asset values and operating results or maximizing loan or investment recovery, we apply industry-specific analytics and solutions tailored to your specific business, real estate asset or loan security.

We work with you to develop the solution that will give you the best possible outcome.

Not every situation we encounter requires a large team or complex solution. From a quick, high level diagnosis to a more comprehensive one with long-term monitoring or implementation, we tailor solutions that suit your needs and circumstances.

Contact us to learn more.