There are sound solutions for restructuring
technology companies that are not often used.

Technology Sector

Vancouver based G-Force Group is a boutique professional services firm that brings together over 30 years of industry and restructuring expertise in the technology sector.

Many technology companies, often with promising product offerings or strong business assets, can be dragged down by difficult markets, inexperienced owner/operators, weak management, chronic cash shortages, or problematic/unreasonable creditors or investors. G-Force Group can assess your business issues and recommend and help implement a number of frameworks to help restructure your business assets, operations, debt or equity, and help your business survive and thrive.

G-Force Group draws on a broad pool of business/industry specialists and professionals to tailor a team most suitable for each client. We’ll assess and help you improve the health of your business enterprise as we identify the areas requiring the most support – including dealing with your investors, lenders or other creditors if they are losing confidence in your operation.

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