Enhancing real estate investments and

Real Estate

G-Force Group has a wealth of experience in many aspects of real estate, including analysis, development, construction, operations, management, financing, property tax appeals, marketing, investment, acquisitions/dispositions and restructuring. To this, we add sound market research and some of the most sophisticated analytical tools available.

We can provide decision support to help answer the fundamental questions an owner, investor or lender has: Is the use or operations of the property optimal? Should it be acquired, sold, held or developed? Is additional investment required, and how much? Can it provide an adequate return or repay the loan or investment? Are there sufficient management skills and other expertise available on a cost effective basis to develop or operate it?

Our approach assesses the opportunities and challenges related to a property in any or all of the key areas of market, product, construction, operations, marketing, legal, finance and management. We then identify a range of market-oriented business solutions best suited to maximize returns and recoveries for stakeholders.

The range of potential business solutions includes selling the property ‘as is’ quickly, refinancing, implementing value added options, undertaking an enhanced sale process, holding it, or developing or enhancing it later, possibly with a qualified joint venture partner. For a restructuring or insolvency situation, we can help identify the appropriate framework in which to implement the most appropriate business solution.  These may include restructuring options like Proposals to creditors or Arrangements under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (“CCAA”), or orderly realization options including receivership or bankruptcy.

We tailor this approach to each property in various asset classes of real estate:

  • Land
  • Residential (single family and multi-family) properties
  • Commercial (apartment, office, industrial, retail) properties
  • Hotels, resorts and other hospitality-related properties
  • Mixed-use and special purpose properties
  • Special properties (e.g. forestry land , gravel pits, quarries)

We can provide realization services to implement these business solutions, including development management, due diligence support and brokerage through G-Force Real Estate Inc., a licensed real estate brokerage in British Columbia and through broker affiliations in Alberta.

Contact us today to learn more about our solutions for real estate or hospitality-related properties or construction projects.