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Mining, Mineral Exploration, Extraction and Production

Whether in exploration stage or in full production, mining enterprises face a number of operational and financial challenges. Financial markets in turmoil, inconsistent operating results, and sometimes simply poor timing or bad luck can seriously hinder mining companies and cause strenuous cash shortages. G-Force Group can assist your public or private mining enterprise by drawing on senior advisors and professionals with extensive mining sector experience.

Refer to BC Mining Industry stats for the latest (2011) mining industry statistics from the Ministry of Energy and Mines.

G-Force Restructuring Solutions for Mining Companies

Please review the list of common problems in mining.  If you find that your company is experiencing one or more of these problems, contact G-Force Group today for a confidential discussion on your options.

Our re-structuring solutions include:

  • Informal or formal restructuring solutions for creditors and/or shareholders
  • Formal restructuring options:
    • Proposals under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act
    • Arrangements under the Companies Creditors’ Arrangement Act (CCAA)
  • Preserving & monetizing tax losses
  • Selling assets/operations
  • Finding investors
  • Formal liquidation options that could lead to restructuring or re-deployment of assets/operations

Contact G-Force Group:

Contact Chris Sinclair at csinclair@g-forcegroup.ca (778.371.0013).