Hospitality industry properties and operations
pose unique challenges that need proven
industry approaches to maximize recoveries.


Hospitality is a tough business at the best of times and margins can be razor thin.  Whether your property is a hotel, golf or ski resort, restaurant, conference centre, spa, tourism operation, retirement home or marina, your inventory is perishable and potential revenue is lost every day. In economic downturns, the risks are more pronounced than ever. Few hospitality managers have seen economic impacts on their businesses that have been as severe as they are now experiencing.

Whether you are experiencing a significant decline in revenue or cash flow, are unable to cover costs or make payroll, are beginning to breach lender covenants or show other symptoms of distress, G-Force Group has the hospitality industry experience to help you deal with these challenges.

Our analysis and review can improve your hospitality operation by focusing on six core areas:

  • Management resources
  • Financial analysis and benchmarking
  • Guest and employee satisfaction
  • Space utilization and branding for the property/operation
  • Operating results
  • Existing management contracts and franchise agreements

Our objective is to identify the problems limiting the performance of your property or operation through a G-Force Group review and analysis of these core areas.  We’ll present you with solutions that can be implemented immediately or over a longer-term. G-Force Group can also supply interim or long-term management where necessary, help you determine the best restructuring framework to use, or assist with lender negotiations.

See G-Force Group’s article on Strategies for Restructuring Troubled Development Projects, Hotels and Resort properties.

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