Consolidation of the forest sector provides
both challenges and opportunities that
G-Force can help you deal with.

Forest Sector

G-Force Group has brought together a team of forest industry specialists with deep strategic, management and operating experience in the sector. Primary and value added wood products, logging, pulp and paper and reforestation operations all face a broad range of challenges. These include changing markets, timber base issues, impact of fluctuations in the Canadian dollar on net sales returns or industry consolidation and rationalization. Owner operators, shareholders, investors and lenders often need an experienced outside perspective to augment existing resources to help successfully move forward.

We’ll assess and help you improve your business enterprise as we identify the areas requiring the most support and assist in focusing and acting on the key issues. With our broad experience in corporate finance including refinancing and sale of businesses, we can also assist in the development and implementation of an exit or consolidation strategy or in a management buy-out (MBO). If your lenders or creditors are providing undue pressure because of matters beyond your control, consider our extensive experience in dealing with insolvencies and business restructurings.

G-Force Group forest sector team members have a broad range of experience from a Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer, senior operating management and advisory/consulting perspective in all sectors of the industry. This, coupled with our management, advisory and transactions experience which has been applied across a wide range of industries and sectors, provides a unique resource base to tailor a team and approach to successfully address your business issues.

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