We extract value from sound businesses
and real estate and regenerate value for
businesses and real estate in difficulty.

Welcome To G-Force Group

G-Force Group offers a wide range of experience and approaches to assist any stakeholder in enhancing or recovering its investment in a business, real estate or loan in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada.

This range of experience comes from working with stakeholders on all sides of business, real estate or lending issues. We bring a strong, objective reputation to deal with important, complex or difficult situations where competence, trust or timing may be of concern.  Where businesses or assets are in distress, specific technical legal frameworks may be required to be integrated with business and industry experience to maximize results.

Whether a situation has big upside potential, is relatively stable, is quickly deteriorating or is in crisis, we move quickly to perform an objective, tailored analysis to identify workable solutions which we can implement where necessary. Throughout this process, we harness all available resources and input from the existing stakeholders.

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